for macOS
Keypad is an application for macOS that allows you to manually enter numbers to call. It fits right into macOS and is filled with features.



With Keypad, it's easy to dial any phone number of choice, even if that number isn't in your contacts! Keypad will even converts numbers you paste in, so (800)-MY-APPLE automatically becomes (800)-692-7753.

Keypad has a familiar, friendly design with macOS in mind. It fits right in with all your other apps and has everything you'd expect from a current Mac app.

Keypad even makes it easier to dial your contacts as well, just start typing a name we'll bring up clickable results.
Notification Center

Keypad even has a new Notification Center widget that lets you quickly dial from anywhere on your Mac for convenience.
Check it out!

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Eytan Schulman

Keypad co-developer

Harrison Weinerman

Keypad co-developer

Faisal Misle

Support and Infrastructure Lead

Nick Pomes

UI and Icon Design

Austin Jackson

Web Developer